About Ucora Ucora's story - from beginning to ... beginning.

Early Days

Paul And Rob

In 1990 Ucora was founded by the Toth family, with a vision to create unique, specialized, business information systems. Robert Toth is a senior software systems development expert with an unusual ability to create highly reliable software systems. Paul Toth is a senior communications systems engineer with a passion for studying and optimizing business processes. Ucora's team is motivated by affecting positive lasting change through the use of real-time wireless and web-based information technology. Our team of innovative system analysts, software engineers and programmers has established long term relationships with well over 100 companies in British Columbia, Canada, the US and internationally, with many of these relationships spanning well over 10 years.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As a company that focuses on creating specialized information systems within multiple industries, Ucora has been exposed to many unique scenarios and we've helped our customers design many unique and successful solutions. You could say we are attracted to unique problems because, like our customers, we are problem solvers at heart. We work with our customers until the job is done – and then we work some more. In 2003 Ucora started offering a full Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • We will design and implement your unique software solution for no up-front capital cost.
  • If you are not satisfied, you pay nothing. More specifically, you only pay when you receive your desired results.

Win - Win

Althought we were confident we could satisfy our customers with positive results, we were nervous about the financial commitment our guarantee represented – how could we make this work? Truthfully, it seemed like financial suicide at the time, however, eight years later, we would never consider going back. It changed everything about the way we work with our customers, the way we design their information systems, the way we develop software, the way we monitor and maintain these systems. It changed everything about our business and it opened many new opportunities - more than we could have imagined. The effect was that it forced us to look at own business as a problem to solve – and then solve it with conviction. With our Satisfaction Guarantee, we share in the project risks with our customers, aligning both of us with one common goal: success. We only win if you win. And our customers are winning, with some doubling their revenues and profits so rapidly, they did not believe their financial statements (true story - ask us!).

Get To Know Us

“Putting our money where our mouth is” via Ucora's Satisfaction Guarantee was not the end of our story - it was only the beginning. But don't take our word for it. The first step in getting to know Ucora is to get to know our customers. Call us – and we hope you will call them.

Got A Project? Let's Talk

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    "Ucora designed a system to fit our people...They learned about our business from the user's point of view, and focused on a solution"

    Bill Davie, Information Services Manager, AXA Insurance

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    "Ucora's staff was professional and dependable. We hired them for their competence and we were not disappointed"

    Rozina Janmohamed, Administration Systems Manager, Simon Fraser University

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    "Ucora was able to quickly grasp the complexity of our business problem and define a solution"

    Stephen DesRoches, IT Coordinator, Canadian Airlines International

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    "Ucora exceeded all my expectations - we can't go back to another information system after having this one"

    Pauline Thompson, CEO, Vancouver Museum

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    "As a Haakon customer, [Ucora's Information System] closes the information gaps. Our experience with the system has been excellent."

    Mike King, Maintenance and Operations, Whistler Blackcomb

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    "The online quotation and service request system that you have implemented is a property manager's dream. This is a tool that I wish every company I worked with used."

    Stuart Emery, Yenik Realty Ltd.

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    "I think very highly of Paul at Ucora. He's got to know our business quite well - It's been great."

    Jack Hole, Haakon Industries