Vision Is Everything You can't get there unless you know where you are going.

At Ucora we believe that businesses are dynamic, ever-changing and therefore their information systems should also be dynamic and flexible. The reason why a business exists is because it supplies products or services that are different from other options on the market.

Each and every one of our customers have a unique vision that leverages their differentiating characteristics forward into the future. We believe in working closely with our customers to help facilitate how they are different from their competition and how they plan to maintain this advantage. We help our customers create and continually adapt their supporting information systems so they are responsive to market changes.

By studying and believing in our customers' vision for the future - their unique position in the market - their passion - Ucora has created win-win relationships that span over many years. We guarantee results with our Satisfaction Guarantee. This how we help our customers grow. This is Ucora's unique position in the market. This is our passion.

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    "Ucora designed a system to fit our people...They learned about our business from the user's point of view, and focused on a solution"

    Bill Davie, Information Services Manager, AXA Insurance

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    "Ucora's staff was professional and dependable. We hired them for their competence and we were not disappointed"

    Rozina Janmohamed, Administration Systems Manager, Simon Fraser University

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    "Ucora was able to quickly grasp the complexity of our business problem and define a solution"

    Stephen DesRoches, IT Coordinator, Canadian Airlines International

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    "Ucora exceeded all my expectations - we can't go back to another information system after having this one"

    Pauline Thompson, CEO, Vancouver Museum

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    "As a Haakon customer, [Ucora's Information System] closes the information gaps. Our experience with the system has been excellent."

    Mike King, Maintenance and Operations, Whistler Blackcomb

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    "The online quotation and service request system that you have implemented is a property manager's dream. This is a tool that I wish every company I worked with used."

    Stuart Emery, Yenik Realty Ltd.

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    "I think very highly of Paul at Ucora. He's got to know our business quite well - It's been great."

    Jack Hole, Haakon Industries