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Our Founders

Paul and Robert Toth

In 1990 Ucora was founded in Canada by the Toth family, with a vision to create unique, specialized, business models and information systems.

Our company grew out of our passion for innovation, commitment to democratic vales, and a desire to affect long lasting change in organizations. Ucora's team uses leading edge management practices and innovative information technology. Our team of management consultants, system analysts, software engineers and programmers has worked with well over 100 companies in British Columbia, Canada, the USA, and internationally, with many of these relationships spanning well over 10 years.

Our Services

Management Consulting

Ucora draws upon 27 years of experience working in a multitude of industries to help companies establish new, innovative ways of doing business. Our tool kit includes established industry best practices and methods developed in-house: Lean Principles. Memetics. Methods of Ricardo Semler. ToO (Team of One), and many others.

Information System Design

Ucora views information systems as being integral and not peripheral to a business evolution strategy. Information systems act as amplifiers and catalysts, reflecting the business processes developed by the team. With the proper perspective, information technology will accelerate your business's evolution, and will become a strategy advantage. Without the proper perspective it can ingrain inferior methodologies, and cause innovation stagnation. Ucora helps companies start on the right path, and then learn how to turn it into their own highway.

Employee Empowerment

Ucora helps each and every employee within a company become autonomous and empowered, within a distributed decision making environment. We help companies create "super-workers" where each employee operates as an independent business unit within the whole. The company is happy with reduced overhead and increased profitability, the customers benefit from increased quality and rapid response times, and the employees are motivated by increased autonomy, increased job satisfaction, and increased involvement in improving and evolving the business processes.

Cloud Services

To be able to create an environment of responsive, autonomous, distributed decision making, a company requires access to real time information from anywhere, at anytime, using any device. Ucora's cloud servers deliver on this ability, with secure, high bandwidth, fully monitored, high uptime information access, 24x7x365.

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