Motivation Health e-Book

Motivational Health

Boosting Productivity and Growth Through Motivation

After decades of boosting motivation and productivity in individuals and the teams they work within, Ucora developed the 10 principles supporting motivational health, and the 17 principles supporting motivational fitness and alignment within organizations.

What is in the Motivational Health - Disrupting Demotivation book:

  • Making Motivational Health and IVY (Ideal Vision of Yourself) Easy to Understand
  • How to Create a Powerful IVY Statement
  • 10 Motivational Health Principles for Self-Motivation
  • 17 Motivational Health Principles to Boost Productivity

Why is the Motivational Health e-Book a free download? Our vision is to change the way the world works by advocating for motivational health, and this book helps move people further along in that direction. The more people who read it, the more others will join in on the conversation. It is through these conversations that we hope to continue disrupting demotivation, and thereby make the world a better place.

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