IVY versus Traditional Mindset

IVY versus Traditional Mindset

Subtle Mindshift. Huge difference in staff acquisition and retention.

When companies and employees want the same thing, great things happen. We call this IVY Alignment, or the alignment of an employee's ideal vision of themselves (Ideal Vision of Yourself) with a Company's goals, objectives and way of operating. The concept of IVY appears subtle, yet its influence on day-to-day decisions is significant. The differences between IVY and a traditional mindset can be 180 degrees apart. Take a look for yourself:

Traditional IVY
The business exists for the owners The business exists for all stakeholders
Place in an organization is important Movement through an organization is important
Management is the primary source of decision making Decision making is distributed throughout the organization
Management is the primary source of innovation Innovation comes from anyone within the organization
Financial compensation is the primary motivator Personal and professional growth are the primary motivators
Quality needs to be enforced Quality emerges from motivation
Providing a job demands loyalty Loyalty is the positive side-effect of providing a personal growth environment
Business process is static Business process is dynamic, constantly evolving
Knowledge is scarce and difficult to acquire Knowledge is abundant and easy to acquire
Information should be constrained Information should be more accessible
Job and skill specialization is most efficient Job and skill diversity is most efficient
A hierarchical structure leverages knowledge A distributed structure leverages knowledge
Profit is the goal Profit is a necessary side-effect
Measure your way out of trouble Over-measurement is a symptom of trouble
Managers command and control Managers serve and support
Hourly employees are most productive Salaried employees are most productive
Today's youth are impatient, lazy, and entitled Today's youth are impatient with outdated business processes
Work harder Work smarter

IVY increases productivity by focusing on what drives a business - its people. To learn more about IVY, contact Ucora.